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SFYB President's Day Tournament 2020

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SFYB Travel Tryout Information



General Information:

Travel Tryouts will generally be held over 3 sessions. Participants are required to attend and fully participate at least two of the three sessions, although it is recommended that they attend all three, especially the final tryout. (Note: It is possible that due to the size of a group that an initial cut may be made after the 2nd session.) 


Anyone missing a session is expected to email the Travel Director prior to the scheduled session. (traveldirector@springfordhoops.com) 


Players will be provided a reversible jersey that is to be worn to each tryout and turned in at the final evaluation. (Do not dry these using a heat setting in the dryer) If the Jersey is not returned you will not be permitted to play rec or travel basketball until it is returned or the $25.00 lost jersey fee is paid.


We ask that players do not wear SFYB Travel, AAU or any other uniform or team jersey during the tryout sessions



Injury or Illness: Absence from Tryouts:

A player who has registered for tryouts and cannot meet the minimum participation requirements due to an injury or illness may be excused, prior to the start of the tryout session, upon delivery of a doctor’s note describing the player’s injury/illness/limitations and the projected return to full participation to the Travel Director and/or Assistant Travel Director. A player who misses more than 2 of the 3 scheduled tryout sessions due to injury or illness, and provides the requisite Doctor’s note, may be eligible for consideration for placement on a travel team. 


The Travel Director and Assistant Travel Director and/or designees will review these unique situations and a decision will be rendered based on the players evaluated during the tryouts, the injured player’s previous experience, prior evaluations, coach input, and the nature and extent of information available regarding the injury/illness. These situations should be avoided whenever possible and ultimately will be assessed by the SFYB Board of Directors. 


Post Evaluations:

Any players who are not selected for a Travel Team will be placed in the Recreational League